The amplifier PAF100 is a low noise preamplifier for positive input signals. Preamplifier has 50 Ω input impedance. The output-amplified signal can be terminated by 50 Ω. The preamplifier is optimized specially for SiPM detectors (but can also be used for standard PMT) and on the board there are pins to connect bias voltage (through a 10KΩ resistor). Maximum applied bias voltage is 200 Volt (the board dimensions are 50x20 mm) and can be supplied with male or female connectors.
The preamplifier has two circuits: fast preamplifier and shaper/driver.
The shaper/driver permit change a shaping time of signal to adapt timing of amplified signal to sampling rate of ADC. The preamplifier was tested with HAMAMATSU MPPC S10931-050P type detector.